Louis Tomlinson more familiar than ever

One direction fame Louis Tomlinson is very familiar name in the music biz. His fans showed a great support all the way including the recent demise of his mother. Even his stepfather shared the last facebook message of her mother to his millions of fans when the tragedy happened with many images being shared online and off.

A good news for him is, his single “Just hold on” has managed to get an entry in the UK chart at number two position. Recently he even tweeted about his brotherlike bandmate Liam Payne’s gangster chain humorously which got thousands of likes as well as retweets.

There are also rumors about his professional animosity with his band mate Zayn Malik because Zayn too released a collab with Taylor Swift and their track named ” I don’t wanna live forever” made 16th position in the UK chart.But equations are different in Australia where Zayn and Taylor are ahead being at number 3 in the AREA charts.

No matter who wins, we are sure to get some more quality tracks because of this rivalry so for One direction fans, the whole situation is turning to be very interesting as well as entertaining and we are looking forward to seeing some images and pictures of these boys together again in the future.